The idea for A Kitchen Memoir was developed by lessons learned from a previous food blog, a growing spiral notebook of food-stained recipes, and the desire to organize and document the process of creating food.

At A Kitchen Memoir, you will not find the food blog format you might be accustomed to seeing elsewhere. The author doesn’t claim to have the recipe for “the best ever” waffles, or “the easiest, one-pan, 10 minute” chicken dinner.

The purpose of A Kitchen Memoir is to journal the honest cooking process, including critical feedback of the final result. Each recipe gets a wine glass rating between 1 and 5.

Over time, recipes will be attempted more than once and you’ll be able to see how many times a recipe has been made at the bottom of each recipe page. Notes and variations will be added along the way. Some recipes published here have been made countless times and are considered “tried and tested”. Others have been only attempted once, with the process journaled including links back to any reference recipes.

Most of the recipes assume a general knowledge of cooking and are not necessarily intended for beginners. The instructions may be sparse or open for interpretation.

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